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About us

You value your time, reliability and impeccable service. Capital Transfers meets all your demands by offering complete set of transportation and transfer services.

Despite being a young company — Capital transfers managed to built up a standing reputation among other passenger transportation service providers. Our unmatched attention to details helped us to develop strong connections and trust with the top European and Russian companies operating on Business Aviation market. Owing to our hard work, client orientation, industrious personnel and well developed service we were able to achieve unsurpassed heights in our activity and to expand our car park with newer more reliable models.

With an owned fleet of comfortable minivans, convenient garage and technical service center we can offer our clients much more at an affordable rate. Capital Transfers can provide transportation from a wide variety of existing models. Each car or minivan is serviced by a qualified specialist which allows us to offer a higher standards of services. Our drivers are punctual and gentle, technical engineers affirm smooth technical operation of all fleet. We are proud of our team and attract only high ranking professionals.

Our professionalism and attentive approach to every detail is best proven by the ever expanding number of devoted customers and clients. We help them to be on time everywhere they need to be and they value the most our ability to fulfill their expectations.

One of the key elements of our successful development is a well set up mechanism of processing the incoming request from our customers, allocation of the most suitable means of transportation, choice of the most logical and convenient route matching with the current traffic situation in Moscow and final delivery of the passengers to the requested location. Our drivers are in constant contact with the dispatch office which provides them valuable information about traffic situation and plans the most appropriate route to avoid traffic jams. Each transport is fitted with the satellite navigation system that serves also as a friendly guide through the traffic.